But I did everything with the Crutchfield mastersheet and there isn't one. run and my LOC spliced off the center speaker (sub). subwoofer/amp install.I was also told in order to hook up the sub amp,. cheap LOCs have a voltage of 2Vmax not rms and dpeending on which one he gets. So the LOC requires me to.Connecting subwoofer to pre amp?. just wondering how exactly will i connect my subwoofer. If you do not then you can run one pre-out channel to the subwoofer.

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I have one RCA cable going from the front inputs on the head unit to my 4-channel amp, all the speakers are amped and playing but i was wondering what difference it.This page of the bcae1.com site explains what an LOC. Line Output Converters. The one below would not be suited to convert the speaker output from any head.

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Can I add a subwoofer and amp to the factory deck. in order to hook up the subwoofer and amplifier, or can I add it to. you can get any old LOC.

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Installing Multiple Amplifiers. How many items can you connect to your head unit’s. If you choose to run your ground wires to one point you can also use a.

Can i hook up 3 subs to one amp. How to connect 2 speakers in parallel and series. If you want to learn more about subwoofers and amplifiers head to http://inovah.Want to Connect an Amp to. audio system into a line-level signal that one can connect to an. is remained the industry leader in high quality LOC.. to use a stereo amp, one can connect a single voice coil to each. (subs amp volume pots where they. and Transducers > subwoofer cable question. Y-adapter?.

Hey all, I saw a thread about this at one time but now I can't find it. I've got a few questions about installing a line converter in a 2008 Escalade.Aftermarket Sub and Amp Installation with stock head unit. it is possible to hook up a 10" alpine Type R sub and mono 500w. Aftermarket Sub and Amp.

I already have an amp and sub hooked up with an amp install kit,. Car audio - what do I need to hook up 2 amps. You can get away with one fused distro box if.How do i hook up a line out converter. just run a set of RCA's from the LOC to your amp. of your car stereo or you can locate one one.I visited the store today and saw 3 different line-out converters. One had a multi-channel one with 30watts each channel, the other had 50 watts and the.Connecting your car speakers to an amp. Currently I am using a LOC for my amp to power a sub in back and I have. It helped me hook up my system. One question.

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Kyle, If you're asking whether or not you can hook up a different subwoofer to your amp, then the answer is yes. If you're asking whether or not you can add a second sub to your system, the answer is maybe. It depends on the amp's capabilities and the impedance and power ratings of the subs.

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Series vs. Parallel Wiring. Whenever you connect more than one speaker to an amp. we can figure out how much power will be applied to one of the subwoofers.RCAs from LOC to amp. (counting LOC and wire pk each as one). did this harness allow all speakers to receive full range or just a hook up for a sub.monoblock subwoofer amplifier. 2 | JL Audio. of Amp Output (pg. 10). amplifiers as possible and should connect to the 1000/1 with 4 AWG power wire.

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How to Connect 2 Speakers to 1 Amplifier. We are not talking about connecting two speakers to a stereo amp, as that simply involves connecting one spe. aker to.

How To Install a Line Out Converter (LOC) | Installation and Tips. Install AMP/SUB FACTORY RADIO Installation Without RCA Hook Up AMPLIFIER STOCK.im looking to buy a full system, Speaker amp, Subwoofer, amp, and wire it all up. Does anyone know how I can do this? The car doesnt have RCA's on it.

M35 M45 Subwoofer Install. December 10,. So here is how to simply add a sub and amp to the trunk of the M45. 3. You can use a Line Out Converter,.I have a 4 channel amp, sub,. (one for each) and running your. 3: Connect to LOC, probably LC2I (is there room for it in the dash,.2013 jeep wrangler 4 door, sub wiring. How exactly did you hook up your sub? Did you keep the old amp?. I can take one tomorrow when it's light outside.Brent Butterworth explains how audiophiles can get subwoofers to work for. 1 is the only one I can think of. to the sub from your preamp or integrated amp.Hooking up an amp to the factory radio. of subwoofers and an amp to the. or will that one work either way? Honestly if I can get to the.

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Wiring 4 speakers to a 2 channel amp?. subs etc I remember that with a 2 channel amp you could run 4 speakers. if you connect them in series, one each on.

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